About Us

Who are we? It’s very difficult to talk about ourselves and explaining about us. Hence, will keep it simple and straight from our hearts for you to know us better!!

We are two people who know each other for almost a decade now. Call us friends, colleagues or agony aunts for each other.

We are called Nishant Singhal and Geetika Dhawan. We are best known as two people who are poles apart. Nishant Singhal is Chartered Accountant by profession and has worked in corporates like PWC and has founded and co-founded many companies including Youwecan ventures with ace cricketer Yuvraj Singh.  He believes is simple living and high thinking just like Mahatma Gandhi (lol). He is a human calculator and has a keen eye for detail, can call him a perfectionist in a word.

On the other hand, Geetika Dhawan has worked in BPOs and real estate industry for more than a decade now and is pursuing LLB now. She is fun loving, ambitious and believes everything in life is achievable, can call her a dreamer is one word.

Geetika’s one visit to Thailand conceived the idea of Thai Way (Foot Spa and Reflexology), people who are reading this and have visited Thailand would know where we are coming from. She realized that there’s not even one dedicated foot spa and reflexology setup in all of India. So, we decided to shove the idea of typical private rooms and full body massage centers and come up with Thai Way (foot spa and reflexology), which will ensure neat and clean setup, high quality organic products, uber luxurious recliners and certified therapists who will work the magic of their hands on your feet and give you an experience you have never felt before in any spa so far. You will have to visit us once to know what we are talking about.


Why Thai way

They say, that there are few places which are a must visit, could be a hill station, an international destination, a beach, a shopping mall, etc. Thai Way Foot spa & reflexology is one such place or rather call it an experience which you shouldn’t miss. This place is a must visit, because they say ‘seeing is believing’, so as much as you read about it, it won’t be enough, till you personally surrender your feet to us for a while.

An idea that conceptualized after wandering around multiple international destinations and getting our tired feet pampered or massaged at the famous foot spas. The realization that there’s a dearth of such foot spas in India, got us hooked to study a little more and research and visit more foot spas.

As the name ‘Thai Way’ says it all, we do it the Thailand way. We are now ready to give you an experience better than what you have experienced at any international destination. We have got the best therapists, exotic organic products and best recliners together to make you and your feet the most comfortable, loved and prepped up to take you where your heart belongs.

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